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Is Cranberry Red Bull discontinued? (Everything you should know)

Unfortunately, Red Bull discontinued their Red Bull Red Edition Cranberry from their Red Bull Editions line.

Although the company didn’t give an official statement about discontinuing this flavor, I immediately noticed when my favorite cranberry flavor became scarce and eventually unavailable in grocery stores and online shopping platforms after the summer of 2020. After reading customer reviews and messages online, I was disappointed to learn that Red Bull had finally confirmed to permanently replace the Red Bull Red Edition Cranberry with a more popular flavor.

The sudden absence from store shelves caught me off guard, and I have since dedicated my time to learning why cranberry-flavored Red Bull was discontinued and which flavor has replaced it. Keep reading to find out more!

Why was Cranberry Red Bull discontinued?

When Red Bull launched its line of flavored energy drinks in 2013, Red Bull Red Edition Cranberry was among the first flavors to be introduced to the public. So, why did Red Bull discontinue its production after years of pleasing their fans with its addictive taste and energizing properties?

First, Red Bull Red Edition Cranberry had a lower demand from customers as compared to other Red Bull flavors. As a result, Red Bull discontinued its production to focus on new flavors that would better appeal to customers’ tastes.

Second, the cranberry flavor mostly appealed to customers during the holidays, and it didn’t generate many sales during the rest of the year. As a result, Red Bull replaced it with a new flavor that would appeal to customers and generate equal sales throughout the year.

Which flavor has replaced Cranberry Red Bull?

image 76
Cranberry Red Bull. Image source: Walmart

The Red Bull Red Edition Watermelon is the new permanent flavor that has replaced the Red Bull Red Edition Cranberry. Online customers love how the new watermelon flavor charges their Red Bull energy drinks with a cool and mild watermelon taste that balances perfectly between sweet and sour. On the other hand, they wish it came in a larger size and had more fizz.

Like every Red Bull energy drink, this flavor contains caffeine, B-group vitamins, taurine, sugars, and water. It will therefore reduce your stress levels, improve your mental functions, and promote your body’s metabolism. It contains 110 calories, 28 grams of carbohydrates, and 26 grams of sugar per can. By taking a watermelon-flavored Red Bull in the morning, you can power through your workday without suffering any jitters or restlessness.

The Red Bull Red Edition Watermelon was the perfect replacement for the cranberry flavor because it was highly popular as a Red Bull Summer Edition, and its taste appeals to customers throughout the year. If you specifically want a cranberry-flavored energy drink, you can purchase one from other energy drink brands like Aspire or Ocean Spray.

Other discontinued Red Bull flavors

Aside from the cranberry flavor, Red Bull also discontinued the following flavors;

Discontinued Red Bull flavors

Taste profile


Sweet and sour taste of grapefruit juice

Plum Twist

Sweet plum fruit and warm spicy cinnamon

Beach Breeze

Light, floral, and crispy taste of tropical fruit and coconut

Silver Lime

Artificially sour and tangy lime taste

Arctic Berry

Cool and fruity raspberries taste with a hint of blueberries


Tartness of real pomegranate and a fruity mix of red berries and cherries

Total Zero Orange

Artificially sweetened mix of orange and tangerine

Total Zero Cherry

Sweet cherries

Edicion Limon

Equal parts sweet and sour lime taste

Is Cranberry Red Bull coming back?

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Cranberry Red Bull. Image source: eBay

There’s an ongoing petition signed by more than 9,000 fans that requests Red Bull resume the production of the cranberry flavor. Whether Red Bull will heed this plea despite its reasons for discontinuing the cranberry flavor can only be determined by time.

Although Red Bull has not released any official statement to hint at the fate of its cranberry-flavored energy drink, we cannot rule out the possibility that this drink might yet again grace our refrigerators. Companies such as Coca-Cola and Coffee Mate have reintroduced products they once discontinued to cater for new market demands and trends. If the cranberry flavor obtains enough market demand to sustain high and consistent sales, then Red Bull can reintroduce it to the public as well.

Many Red Bull fans who preferred the cranberry flavor have expressed their displeasure and disappointment through online forums like Reddit and Amazon customer reviews. Ultimately, they recommend current Red Bull flavors that can best substitute the discontinued cranberry flavor until it is reintroduced again. These flavors include watermelon, peach, tropical, and orange. While the ongoing petition makes the return of cranberry-flavored Red Bull possible, we might be waiting for a couple of years before it happens. Besides, Red Bull is a private company that reserves the right to heed or ignore such petitions.


Due to constantly evolving taste preferences and flavor trends, Red Bull regularly replaces old flavors with newer and more appealing ones. While this is a strategy employed to generate more sales and keep up with the changing market, it doesn’t favor the few people who fall in love with the discontinued flavors.

Red Bull discontinued the Red Bull Red Edition Cranberry and replaced it with the Red Bull Red Edition Watermelon. This was because the cranberry-flavored energy drink had a low demand from customers and was only popular during the holidays. On the other hand, the watermelon flavor is an all-year-round favorite that is always in high demand. Other discontinued Red Bull flavors include grapefruit, plum twist, beach breeze, and pomegranate, among others.


Where can I purchase cranberry-flavored energy drinks?

You can purchase cranberry-flavored energy drinks from other brands like Aspire or Ocean Spray. Aspire offers a gluten-free cranberry-flavored energy drink, while Ocean Spray offers a cranberry energy juice drink.

Which Red Bull flavors are available now that the cranberry flavor is discontinued?

Red Bull currently offers watermelon, blueberries, dragon fruit, orange, peach nectarine, coconut, strawberry apricot, and fig apple flavors.